Firefly Run Atlanta 2011

I led a highly active lifestyle prior to starting college, and one thing I miss more than anything is “going fast.” I miss flying down the track with the wind blowing into my face, feeling like I could easily run on and on and on without stopping.

In these first three months of living in Atlanta, I’ve wanted more than anything to regain the endurance I once had.

After all, one of the first things I noticed about Atlanta residents is how incredibly active they are. If you take a drive down Peachtree Street on a beautiful day (well, even on scorching days), you’ll see plenty of runners moving swiftly down the sidewalks. And if you’re visiting Atlanta during the Fourth of July weekend, you’ll likely hear about – and possibly see – the Peachtree Road Race, which is believed to be the world’s largest 10K event. Just this year, 60,000 runners participated in the race.

I have a tendency of never setting tangible fitness goals, which often results in my going through “healthy” phases that last for a few months and then begin to fizzle out. Now that I have more free time than I did before, I’ve started to focus on creating a genuinely healthy lifestyle for myself. And this time, I’ve given myself a reason to make sure it lasts in the long run.

For some time now, a few of my really good friends have suggested that I register for local races. I’m finally taking their advice (sorry it took so long, guys!) and using races as my motivation to build up my endurance. I’d love to register for at least one race per month, starting at the 5K level,  and increasing the distance as time goes by.

Today I registered for Firefly Run Atlanta 2011, which will take place at Piedmont Park on Oct. 1. Unlike most races, it doesn’t take place first thing in the morning. It actually happens at night! And as the name suggests, participants will “race through the dusk aglow in glimmering LED lights…lighting up the night in a race to remember.” All proceeds from the Atlanta race will benefit Operation Once in a Lifetime.

Runners line up at the start of the Dallas-Fort Worth 2011 Firefly Run

The Dallas-Fort Worth 2011 Firefly Run sold out at 3,350 runners

How cool are these illuminated suits?

All images are from the Firefly Run Facebook Page.

I’m really looking forward to this race and the others I run in the future. I haven’t decided what race time I’m shooting for yet, but one thing’s certain — this should be a fun way to kickoff my racing adventures! Don’t you think so?

In the meantime, let me know if you have any helpful tips when it comes to training! I’d love to hear from you.


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