A Peek Into My DIY Weekend

It’s rare that I get into the DIY spirit, but I just happened to do so this weekend after researching inexpensive ways to decorate my walls. After deciding to create canvas art for one wall and a frame collage for the opposite wall, I set out to my local thrift stores and Michael’s to purchase all the supplies I needed. For a total of $60, I purchased three bottles of acrylic paint, a paint brush set, four pieces of canvas and seven frames of various sizes. That beats the price of any wall art you can buy straight from the store, if you ask me!

For the first project, I followed the instructions for the Better Homes & Gardens Mix Tape project. The entire process was foolproof, quick and easy. Of course, you’ll want to wear an older T-shirt and cover whatever surface you’ll be working on to make sure the paint doesn’t ruin anything (I got paint all over my hands and arms when painting the sides of each canvas). The acrylic paint I used was fully dry after just a couple hours, so I was able to hang the canvas in the same day! Instead of using nails to hang them up, I used Command Picture Hanging Strips because they don’t leave holes or messes behind.

For the second project, I found inspiration from these Martha Stewart Tag-Sale Upgrades. I bought all of my frames from the thrift store, priced between 99 cents and $6. The key is to find wide frames with detail and decoration, as they give an antique feel to the end result. After removing the pictures and glass fronts from each frame, I painted the frames that were severely off-color (one was baby blue!) with one coat of gold metallic acrylic paint.  When they were completely dry, I arranged the frames in a collage format on the floor to see what looked best and then transferred them to the wall with the Command Picture Hanging Strips. Note: Be sure to have a toolkit handy if you buy wall art that is tough to take apart — I had to pry huge staples and wires from the back of some frames.

I’m thrilled with how each of these projects turned out. In just one free afternoon, I went from having completely bare walls to adorned walls! This entire experience also gave me a great sense of fulfillment, as I created the exact decorations I wanted with my own hands. There’s nothing like being able to say, “Yes, I did that myself.” Don’t you agree?

Have you undertaken any recent DIY projects? You can share them by leaving a comment. I’d love to hear even more ideas for my apartment, and maybe you’ll take away ideas for new projects in your living space, too!


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