Good Reads for Your Weekend Vol. 2 | Relaxation Central

It’s finally Friday. Are you as happy to see the weekend as I am? My plans for this weekend include spending a few hours practicing Filipino on Rosetta Stone, heading to the Atlanta Hawks game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, reading more of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and enjoying my newly decorated apartment while dodging the rain. Aside from that, wherever I  am will be dubbed “Relaxation Central,” because there’s no doubt that I need it. What are your plans?

Here are some good reads for you to enjoy. Have a lovely weekend!

How are we educating students? To be employees or to become entrepreneurs?

You’re in over your head. So what do you do?

So far this month, my lunch hour work has been inexistent. Is yours on the endangered list?

In case you somehow missed the SOPA and PIPA website blackouts this week.

There are surprising benefits of solitude, so try not to be constantly tied to groups.

We split the bill all the time in the U.S. But what do you do in other countries?

Matthew Carroll says we have a “Crippling Image Intelligence Problem,” fueled by Tumblr & Pinterest. Why? Read Part 1 and Part 2.

A night without sleep makes you perform like you were legally drunk, and more reasons for why you should sleep more.

When’s the best time of day to blog?

Hot tips for brands on Pinterest — and look for my thoughts on this next week.


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