Good Reads for Your Weekend Vol. 3 | Here Comes the Sun

Turtles basking in the sun at the Chattahoochee River

After the rainy, dreary day we had in Atlanta yesterday, I can’t wait for the good weather coming our way. Mostly sunny with temperatures in the high 50s — you can’t beat that in January! With the crazy hours I’ve put in at work this month, I haven’t spent as much time preparing for The Color Run as I planned. I think I’ll take advantage of the perfect weather to go on a long overdue run outdoors. Are you doing anything special this weekend?

Here are some good reads for you to enjoy. Have a lovely weekend!

Great leaders never stop learning, no matter how fast the world changes.

Adapt to the shifting media landscape to find success in PR.

Is your work-life balance slipping? Here’s what you should do.

President Obama’s team continues to show its social media savvy for the State of the Union.

Contrary to common belief, to-do lists don’t work.

You can always find success after failure.

You should define what you want and where you want to go. Set goals.

QR codes apparently don’t work as well as many may think.

*photo credit: The Suss-Man (Mike) via photopin cc*


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