Good Reads for Your Weekend Vol. 4 | Super Bowl Prep

Super Bowl Sunday is just a couple days away — what are your plans for the big game? We haven’t planned anything yet, but no matter what, I think I’ll be making these delicious sausage and cheese balls as an appetizer. The recipe is pretty easy and foolproof, even for the cooking illiterate (like me). As you prepare for the Super Bowl this weekend, here are some good reads from this week that you may want to check out:

How can you make your life meaningful? Ask these three questions when it comes to your work.

This was my favorite read of the week. A global perspective can make all the difference in how you look at privilege.

Bilingualism is an intellectual advantage. So what happens when children assimilate and change their linguistic habits?

Forget networking. Be a connector instead.

Why did you want to go to college? Here’s how motives have changed.

So you’ve heard about the Komen vs. Planned Parenthood issue. Here’s a take on Komen’s “accidental rebranding.”

Is learning another language — other than English — worthwhile? The answer is obvious. YES.

How clever — Twitter is launching an official scrimmage for the Super Bowl advertisements.

Are you leaving a trail? What have you done lately?

Photo credit: Gluten Freely


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