Good Reads for Your Weekend Vol. 6 | Short and Sweet

It’s already Friday — this week flew right by! …Which is particularly how I like things to go when I am anticipating weekend plans. I’m especially excited about the next few days — check my blog later this afternoon for a short explanation. Anyway, on to the good reads. This week’s list is a bit shorter than usual, but I hope you’ll enjoy them. Here’s to a wonderful weekend!

Set your sights on the prize, but don’t aim too high. Expectations that are set too high can be counterproductive.

Can’t find Adele’s “21” on Spotify? Here’s why.

If you work for a nonprofit, this is for you. YouTube is launching a program to help nonprofits use videos better.

How do you turn your obstacles into assets? Face every experience with a sense of gratitude.

Put simply, PR pros should expand their skill set. Now.

We all love social media, but it’s a time suck. Don’t let it take over your every waking moment.

(photo credit: James Jordan via photopin cc)


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