My Heart Did Flip Flops in Guadalajara

When visiting New York City, you get the feeling that the city is infinitely more alive at night than it is during the day. That same feeling exists in Guadalajara.

As night fell, countless people – tapatíos and tourists alike – gathered in el Centro Histórico to enjoy the cool, refreshing air and take in the sights. Artesanos set up stations along sidewalks to sell their handmade purses, blouses and miniature statues, while yet other merchants called to passersby to taste their street fare. Laughing crowds formed circles around the silly payasos putting on entertaining shows, and the yells of children sounded from all corners of the plaza as they chased after new glow-in-the-dark toys their parents purchased from street vendors. And with all their lights aglow, buildings like el Teatro Degollado (above) and el Hospicio Cabañas made our eyes twinkle as we passed by. Guadalajara is a gorgeous city at any part of the day, but I tell you, it is strikingly beautiful at night.

We ventured through the four central plazas, each of which had a different atmosphere. While La Plaza de la Liberación seemed to be the most reserved, La Plaza Guadalajara was the most upbeat. Music blared from the speakers as a group of local guys performed for the crowd. Their show warranted plenty of “oohs” and even more “ahhs,” not to mention several skipped heartbeats.

Why skipped heartbeats? Well, they performed incredible (and dangerous) flips and stunts, and if even the tiniest thing went wrong, they would have had a horrible accident on their hands. But of course, that didn’t happen. They were well-rehearsed, and the leader of the group performed a daredevil side flip over 11 people from the crowd. Crazy, right? Take a look at this video to see it for yourself:

Would you have volunteered to be part of the performance? What’s the most interesting street show you’ve seen while traveling?


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