Desayuno at La Chata in Guadalajara

I don’t know if we could have stumbled across a cuter place to have desayuno on our first morning in Guadalajara. La Chata is a bright and lovely place, offering plenty of authentic Mexican food for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. What I loved most about La Chata, as with other restaurants we visited, was that the experience was truly cultural. No English or American interruptions were involved — just pure Spanish conversation and Mexican culture. I’m not sure I could have asked for more in a trip back to Mexico.

Chilaquiles con huevos estrellados

So, on to the food. Richard ordered los molletes mexicanos con chorizo, and I ordered las chilaquiles con dos huevos estrellados. I’ll take this moment to say that, before I even boarded the plane in Atlanta, I had already made the decision to order chilaquiles for at least one breakfast while in Guadalajara. I couldn’t have chosen a better restaurant to make that order.

If you’ve never had chilaquiles, I would highly suggest them. Never heard of this dish? Check this description out:

Typically, corn tortillas cut in quarters and lightly fried are the basis of the dish. Green or red salsa or mole is poured over the crisp tortilla triangles, called totopos. The mixture is simmered until the tortilla starts softening. Eggs and pulled chicken are sometimes added to the mix. The dish is topped with cheese and/or sour cream (crema), and it is served with refried beans.

When our server set our plates in front of us, I dug right into my chilaquiles without hesitating. They were just divine! By the time I finished, I couldn’t have taken a bite of anything else (and boy, was I disappointed about that). Our desayuno at La Chata was certainly my favorite meal we enjoyed while in Guadalajara.


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