Dining at La Antigua, Overlooking Plaza Guadalajara

The view from La Antigua for almuerzo

I haven’t had the chance to visit Europe yet, but I’ve always wanted to dine at a restaurant overlooking a plaza. Mexico definitely doesn’t  come close to Europe, but I had the chance to do just that while we were visiting Guadalajara!

There are four main plazas in the historic center of Guadalajara, and they are arranged around the Cathedral in the shape of a cross. Plaza Guadalajara is just west of the Cathedral and has a circular fountain in the center. There is an outdoor restaurant, as well as several food vendors, in addition to a commercial center underneath the plaza that offers goods for sale including fruit, beverages and even jewelry. The ongoing chatter from passersby and high-pitched screams from children make the plaza an incredibly lively place, and as you can guess, it’s a great place to people-watch.

Dining at La Antigua, a restaurant you can find inside one of the buildings in the plaza, offered the best way for us to watch the activities in the plaza from afar. La Antigua sits on an upper level floor of the building, and several tables in the dining room offer balcony views of the plaza. We chose to sit at one of those tables and thoroughly enjoyed our lunch. I ordered the flautas, which were just as delicious as I expected they would be.

The meal itself wasn’t as amazing as the others we shared while in Guadalajara, but the atmosphere came out on top in comparison to the other restaurants. La Antigua was the perfect place for us to have almuerzo and relax after spending a tiresome morning exploring Tlaquepaque. The drinks (I had a fantastic sangria) were cool and refreshing, and the sound of the running water from the plaza’s fountain was soothing.

Oh, and how could I forget to mention — it was also quite romantic! We had a wonderful time.


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