Honestly Sincere

Did you notice something new about my blog when you landed on the home page today? Take a good look…and hold your guesses until the end.

As time has passed, this blog continues to change when it comes to both content and look & feel. In fact, for all the new readers out there, I originally used this blog as an outlet to write only about public relations and social media. I made the decision last summer to change the subject matter, explaining:

One of my motives behind this blog was to establish myself as a “new PR pro,” and now that I’ve done that, I’d like to give you all a better sense of who I am outside of public relations. The tone will be a less formal and a bit more personal, with posts that will give you a peek into my everyday life and deepest thoughts.

I’ve definitely think I’ve accomplished that through the many posts I’ve published so far this year, which span from my adventures in Guadalajara to eating dim sum for the first time, or advice on leadership and chasing your passion.These posts are my best attempts at giving you all a look into my daily thoughts and the experiences I love — the things I genuinely live for. I’m being honestly sincere (cue Conrad Birdie’s solo in musical “Bye Bye Birdie”).

Hence, the new name of my blog, “Sincerely, Desiree.” (Was that your guess?) I’ve used this title for another personal blog I created before, but I think it’s become perfectly appropriate for me to now use it here. Lately I’ve been feeling the urge to share more of my deepest thoughts in a creative way, so I think I may challenge myself to do so more often here for the remainder of this year.

I’ve enjoyed watching this blog transform gradually, and I love the direction in which it’s pointing. I hope you feel the same way! As always, please leave your thoughts in the comments. It’s great to hear from you.

photo credit: FarTripper via photo pin cc


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