Good Reads for Your Weekend Vol. 9 | Taking It Easy

This weekend will be the polar opposite from all of my upcoming weekends. Travel will take up plenty of time in September (just the way I like it!), so I am doing my best to rest up and be frugal on spending while I can. With no set plans in mind for the next few days, I think I’ll spend some time lounging on the couch with my Nook, reading “Shanghai Girls” by Lisa See, writing some blog posts, listening to music — I’ve been hooked on Anna Nalick’s “Wreck of the Day” album (it never gets old) — and of course, wedding planning.

What are your plans for the weekend? If there’s time, take a peek at some of these good reads.

Listen to your mom, and eat your breakfast. Every day.

Need to make an elevator pitch? This post has amazing tips.

Dedicated to all of the girls out there who are avid readers.

Eat your frog first thing in the morning. That’s what successful people do.

This doesn’t even come close to a full article, but it should make you pretty darn happy.

Keep your heart and your mind open.

photo credit: Frederic Poirot via photo pin cc


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