Good Reads for Your Weekend Vol. 10 | Back From A Hiatus

I don’t believe I’ve written one of these posts since August, so accept my apologies in advance. I’ve been on a blogging kick lately and am hoping to ride it out through the rest of this year. And of course, I’m hoping this will continue into 2013 and allow me to keep my posting schedule more consistent.

This weekend will be filled with my fiance’s homecoming festivities, “Cloud Atlas” (fingers crossed) and a road trip to Tuscaloosa for my friend’s wedding shower. I’m looking forward to seeing a ton of my friends who I haven’t seen in months — or years — and genuinely having a good time.

If your weekend won’t be as busy as mine, be sure to check out some of these reads.

Take constructive criticism to heart. It really isn’t just plain negative feedback.

Here’s interesting commentary on Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system in relation to the hardware. This is unfortunate.

Searching for career tips? Check out this advice from a productivity extraordinaire.

Trailblazers are one of a kind. What makes them so strong?

And last but not least, a couple shameless plugs – how do you feel about buying books if you have an e-reader? Or, about the beauty of autumn?

photo credit: Jared Zimmerman via photopin cc


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