Good Reads for Your Weekend Vol. 11 | Finally, Downtime

I don’t have much to highlight for this weekend, as it looks like I’ll have quite a bit of downtime. The only thing that is set in stone as of right now is tonight’s 11:30 p.m. showing of “Skyfall,” which I’m very much looking forward to, considering all of the raving reviews I’ve seen online and heard from my friends. (Update: “Skyfall” was a GREAT movie!) Also, I’m currently reading “Cloud Atlas,” so I’ll definitely spend some quality time with my NOOK Color this weekend to make headway on the novel before the next busy Monday comes around. I mean, lately, it seems as though I’ve had no time in the evening to do anything for my leisure. But I guess that’s what happens once the holidays begin to roll around!

Here are some good reads for your weekend:

Sometimes shooting for perfection takes one thing out of the equation: you.

Want to know how you can eradicate negative thinking? Take 20 minutes and try this out.

Asking for feedback is always a good idea, but first, make sure you really want it.

Work in PR? Read this take on why the industry doesn’t get the respect it deserves and how we can change that.

Teachers don’t use the same teaching methods as before. What happened to time tables, cursive and word roots?

Fellow Gen Y-ers, let’s reminisce on our childhood. Here are 35 things we won’t see…ever again.

Setting goals can wreck your life.

photo credit: Theophilos via photopin cc


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