Counting My Blessings on Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving is here! While I think “What I’m Thankful For” blog posts can sometimes be a little cliche, I’m making it a tradition to write one every year because, if you know me well, I have a tendency to stress and focus far too much on the downsides of every situation. When I take the time to consciously accept that I can’t control everything, that’s when I find happiness and begin counting my blessings. Since last year, I’ve become much better at thinking positively (one point for me!) — so I’m proud about that and hope to keep this going.

Anyway, here are a few of the things that I’m giving thanks for this year (and here is my list from 2011):

  • Conversation. I learn so much from the conversations I have with other people, whether they are strangers I just met or my closest friends. Often times, the words spoken by others leave a lasting impact on me, so I take plenty of delight in the surprise of what unknown topic will come up in next — you never know where the conversation will lead, or what you will learn!
  • Laughter. A natural part of conversation, laughter adds color to my life (a bright yellow, for sure). It helps me to deeply enjoy the good times, as well as helps me to find relief in serious situations. Simple smiles, giggles and chuckles can make a huge difference — I honestly couldn’t begin to tell you just how much of a difference it makes for me every day!
  • Photography. I strongly believe in the importance of preserving memories through photography, so thank goodness it exists! It warms my insides to look back at photos from past trips or special events I’ve shared with family and friends. Reliving those moments wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for photography, and I think it’s utterly amazing that we can take photos with so many devices now. It just keeps getting easier and easier!
  • Love. This is self-explanatory, right? I try to surround myself with love as much as I can. I spend time with the people who love me and I spend time doing the things I love each day. It truly is a blessing that I can surround myself with love — after all, that’s where I get every last drop of my energy, my motivation, my strength.

What are you thankful for this year? I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your families and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

photo credit: ginnerobot via photopin cc


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