Finding Focus in 2014

medium_182191565Hello, 2014. So nice to see you.

…And how nice it is to write here again. After a long absence (of which I am dreadfully ashamed), I’m back. I won’t bore you by illustrating at length what I didn’t share during the last few months — but if you’re interested, the most important thing is that I’m a married woman now. What I’d like to do instead is look ahead and tell you about:

a) how I’m finding focus in 2014, and
b) what those focus areas are.

In December, I read a wonderfully intriguing article by James Clear on called, Forget Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead. If you have five minutes, give the article a good read, and you’ll walk away with a new outlook on how to make progress — in anything. Don’t have five minutes? Please save the link for later. Here’s a brief synopsis:

When it comes to actually getting things done and making progress in the areas that are important to you, there is a much better way to do things. It all comes down to the difference between goals and systems. Think about it. If you completely ignored your long-term goals and focused on your systems (e.g. your training calendar, sales and marketing process, writing schedule), would you still get results? Yes. You should focus on systems instead of goals for three reasons: goals reduce your current happiness, goals are strangely at odds with long-term progress and goals suggest you have control over things that you have no control over.

For those of you out there who already focus on systems rather than goals to find success, good for you. If you’ve historically placed your focus only on the end game — your pie-in-the-sky, long-term goals — then I’m willing to bet that just like me, your rate of success may not be as high as you’d like it to be. Am I right? Come on, I know you know what I mean. It’s New Year’s resolution season for goodness sake.

The idea of focusing on systems instead of goals has greatly inspired me, and I’m taking it to heart this year. I have a long to-do list for 2014, and without setting systems, I doubt they will all get done. So, I’ve done just that — set systems — for the following personal focus areas I’ve identified for this upcoming year: spirituality, music, foreign language, writing/reading and wellness.

I can’t wait to share more with each of you.

photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc


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