All The World Is My School & All Humanity Is My Teacher

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Countless friends of mine either have obtained or are currently pursuing their graduate degree. You’d think that I would look at them and think to myself, “Whew, I’m glad I don’t have to go back to grad school.” But instead, I’m looking at them and thinking to myself, “I wish I were going back to grad school…”

if you know me, that may not come as a surprise. I love to learn. And I value education. All my life, I never actually loathed having to go to class, and I never actually hated having to do homework. Sure, there were those days when I didn’t feel like waking up for my classes or completing an assignment, but in general, I enjoyed school. I took much pleasure in learning and still do — I thrive when I’m learning and giving myself a challenge, ultimately advancing myself.

That explains why grad school is such an attractive next step for me on the higher education track. But looking at my situation, it takes only two seconds to determine that the investment is not at all worth it for me right now:

  • I work in PR, where graduate degrees aren’t necessary to continue steadily advancing in your career (as opposed to some business scenarios, for example, when you eventually may need to obtain an MBA).
  • I am not looking to make a career change anytime soon, which means the education I’ve already completed is substantial.
  • If you asked me today, I wouldn’t be able to narrow down — with certainty –what I would select as my concentration for grad school. (That spells disaster when it comes to grad school, when there’s really no time to dilly dally or change your mind.)

With that said, my conclusion is this: When it comes down to the bare bones of it, right now, I simply need to pursue lifelong learning right now…not a graduate degree. Who knows, this could all change several years from now.

But until there’s a drastic shift, I’ll instead consciously set my sights on other avenues of learning that will help cure my desire to simply know more.

“All the world is my school and all humanity is my teacher.” -George Whitman

That quote from George Whitman really rang true for me. The desire for lifelong learning is at my core, and it’s something I know I must pursue. The beauty of it is that there are an infinite number of opportunities all around to learn meaningful lessons and skills — big and small — every single day.

photo credit: Chris Smith/Out of Chicago via photopin cc

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