Why Travel Only Makes My World Bigger


I’ve been writing about some relatively serious things lately — if you missed them, see Exhibit A on workaholism, Exhibit B on limiting cell phone use and Exhibit C on getting over what others think. So, I figured it’s time to post something a little more lighthearted. This quote sums it up:

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”
– Gustave Flaubert

It’s blows my mind to realize that traveling has only continued to make my world bigger. The more I travel, the greater my (already insatiable) desire to explore has grown — the list of places to visit just expands. And it’s not for the purpose of escaping, but rather to gain a true world view and let the wonders of the unknown soak in.

Not one trip I’ve taken to any place in the world has failed to open my eyes to the utter beauty of this planet and the people who occupy it. I am always longing to depart for the next trip to a new city. Yearning to experience cultures from every nation, hear the languages of various people groups, taste the distinct cuisines, see not only the tourist attractions but also beyond to how the locals live, and feel the excitement of a new adventure. Aching to lose myself in my surroundings, my face all aglow while learning the unique ways in which life carries on all around the world.

It’s incredible.


And I want to share that wanderlust here. Here’s to re-introducing travel as a topic I’ll write about here at Sincerely, Desiree’ — simply check out the Wanderlust link in the top menu to find more! Right now, the only posts shown are from a few trips in 2012 when a) my husband (then boyfriend) traveled to Guadalajara, Mexico (and oh, is there such a special place in my heart for Mexico) and b) my best friend and I took a trip to a national park in Central Illinois. The good news is that there is more to come! Over the next couple months, I’ll write about the most recent trips I’ve taken to London, Mexico City, Seattle, Estes Park and Paris. And after that, I’ll begin to share the upcoming trips my husband and I take as the year goes on.

In the meantime, I have several friends and former coworkers who have made significant changes in their lives by either quitting or switching jobs to be able to travel all around the world. You can check out their stories at their blogs links below, and I hope you’ll check back for my travel posts soon!

What was the first trip you took that opened your eyes to the wonders of travel?

photo credits:
New Turn via photopin (license)
Its Just a Ride via photopin (license)

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