Life Isn’t Meant to be a Chore


It was a bit of a strange month and a half that just crawled by…

I mean, it actually crawled by. Seconds felt like minutes, minutes turned to hours, and single days turned into delusions of 48- or 72-hour increments.

Have you ever woken up on a Tuesday and thought to yourself, “Thank goodness it’s Thursday already!” That was me — for weeks.

When I took the time to think and talk with my closest friends about what might be the root of all this, it became clear.  Every single thing I was doing day in and day out — whether it was planned and routine, or spontaneous and fun-filled — felt as though it was on a to-do list. And it’d been that way for a while.

I bet you can imagine just how sour my mood was. Just how frustrated I felt. And that’s because many of you have been there at one point or another. Sometimes it’s due to work, and other times you may be overwhelmed with family-related goings-on or other commitments that run parallel to your career. Feeling as though there’s no time for you because every second of your day is allocated to an obligation or task of some sort is awfully stifling.

But we all know life itself isn’t meant to be a chore. Right?


So the question I’ve continually asked is, “Why do you keep allowing this cycle to happen?” I’ve dug into it a bit with my friends, but I don’t know if we’ve succeeded in doing much more than scratch the surface. And I’m OK with that — because I’m self-aware enough to know this is a personal vice that is going to take much more intention and effort than I’ve ever expended to throw it off course for good. This cycle of feeling stifled by life, pulling back on everything and then falling into the same hole has been happening for me since day one, so it can’t simply be fixed overnight.

One thing I do know is that self-care is something I have always neglected. But this month as I talked about what I was facing, my trusty friends staged an intervention — through separate conversations, but collectively — to make me think about myself for once and to find a steadying rest. (Thanks, guys!)

I’m not going to list out the ways I intend to make self-care happen because, well, the truth is that I need to do some experimenting to find what feels right, what feels good — especially since self-care hasn’t ever been a priority for me before. I promise to report back once I’ve figured out what brings me to my happy place.

Until the next time I post, guys, I hope you have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend, and that you also take the time to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

photo credits:
Grains via photopin (license)
Pegs via photopin (license)


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