My name is Desiree’, and I’m a 20-something who is originally from the St. Louis area. I’ve developed a particular attachment to the South, where you can find me living in Atlanta and working at an amazing marketing communications agency called Jackson Spalding.

And that’s where I would have normally ended it. But I’ve made a promise to tell you the whole story (front and center, at the top of your screen).

Here’s the whole story, if you care to keep reading.

I’ve been blogging for a long time. It all began in high school (whoa, anyone remember Xanga?) and continued through college, when I primarily blogged with the sole purpose of showing the world that I knew all about the big, bad PR industry…at 20-years-old. I now realize that’s a very tall order for someone who is just dipping their toe into the water, but I was young and hopeful and went after it away on my blog and through other channels.

After graduating and landing my first job, I found that working in PR and communications for 40+ hours each week didn’t necessarily inspire me to write about more of the same after work. Not a surprise — I’d say a small number of people are cut out for that, and I think you’d probably agree, right? So I shifted my focus to get away from that and then I shifted it again more drastically to write about travel, books, things I was learning and other general life topics that were more personal.

That actually felt right — it was the first time I was writing for myself and not others. I genuinely felt excited each time I hit “publish,” and I was experiencing a motivation that wasn’t driven by outward influences. But like many of us do, I fell victim to the American norm of “busyness” and not having “enough time for _____________.” I’m not sure how you’d fill in that blank, but for me, blogging was the word (among others).

Which brings me, and you, up to speed to today. I found some amazing sources of inspiration during the year and a half when I wasn’t writing. But to be honest, I was struggling to find the same motivation I experienced before — the motivation that came from making something for myself to share with the world, creating combinations of words and sentences and paragraphs that have never existed before. Simply writing. 

It’s lovely to be writing again, and even better to have you along for the ride. So thank you — I hope you’ll visit often for my musings about life, wanderlust, good reads and more.

Want to ask me a question? Contact me.


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