Good Reads for Your Weekend Vol. 11 | Finally, Downtime

I don’t have much to highlight for this weekend, as it looks like I’ll have quite a bit of downtime. The only thing that is set in stone as of right now is tonight’s 11:30 p.m. showing of “Skyfall,” which I’m very much looking forward to, considering all of the raving reviews I’ve seen online and heard from my friends. (Update: “Skyfall” was a GREAT movie!) Also, I’m currently reading “Cloud Atlas,” so I’ll definitely spend some quality time with my NOOK Color this weekend to make headway on the novel before the next busy Monday comes around. I mean, lately, it seems as though I’ve had no time in the evening to do anything for my leisure. But I guess that’s what happens once the holidays begin to roll around!

Here are some good reads for your weekend:

Sometimes shooting for perfection takes one thing out of the equation: you.

Want to know how you can eradicate negative thinking? Take 20 minutes and try this out.

Asking for feedback is always a good idea, but first, make sure you really want it.

Work in PR? Read this take on why the industry doesn’t get the respect it deserves and how we can change that.

Teachers don’t use the same teaching methods as before. What happened to time tables, cursive and word roots?

Fellow Gen Y-ers, let’s reminisce on our childhood. Here are 35 things we won’t see…ever again.

Setting goals can wreck your life.

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Good Reads for Your Weekend Vol. 10 | Back From A Hiatus

I don’t believe I’ve written one of these posts since August, so accept my apologies in advance. I’ve been on a blogging kick lately and am hoping to ride it out through the rest of this year. And of course, I’m hoping this will continue into 2013 and allow me to keep my posting schedule more consistent.

This weekend will be filled with my fiance’s homecoming festivities, “Cloud Atlas” (fingers crossed) and a road trip to Tuscaloosa for my friend’s wedding shower. I’m looking forward to seeing a ton of my friends who I haven’t seen in months — or years — and genuinely having a good time.

If your weekend won’t be as busy as mine, be sure to check out some of these reads.

Take constructive criticism to heart. It really isn’t just plain negative feedback.

Here’s interesting commentary on Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system in relation to the hardware. This is unfortunate.

Searching for career tips? Check out this advice from a productivity extraordinaire.

Trailblazers are one of a kind. What makes them so strong?

And last but not least, a couple shameless plugs – how do you feel about buying books if you have an e-reader? Or, about the beauty of autumn?

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Real Books & E-Readers: My Internal Conflict

Through my entire life, I’ve always wanted to have a small library at home. Nothing would satisfy me more than to have at least a small nook in the corner of a house — lit up by a ton of natural light — with shelves upon shelves of books lining the walls. Oh, and you can’t forget the big comfy chair that I’d curl up in with a book and mug of hot tea or coffee in hand. It sounds delightful.

For a while, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get to the point of having enough books to create a small library in my home. I’ve had a NOOK Color from Barnes & Noble for almost two years, and since then, I’ve bought a very small number of real books to place inside a bookcase. I love my NOOK, and there are definitely plenty of benefits to having one (simply ask me, and I can give you a slew of reasons). But an internal conflict comes into play when I walk into a bookstore and indulge in the happiness I feel when I’m cracking the spine of a book, smelling the pages, and flipping from chapter to chapter. No matter how convenient my NOOK is, it doesn’t compare to the way I feel when I’m reading a real book.

So what’s a girl to do? How can I continue using my NOOK and building up my collection of books for my small library at the same time? I was browsing in Barnes & Noble the other night with my friend Erica when I came up with a solution. It’s safe to say that this is a happy medium: I’ll purchase all of my books first on my NOOK since they always come at a discounted price. If, and only if, I thoroughly enjoyed the book enough to read it again, I’ll purchase a hard copy from the bookstore. After all, I’ve wasted enough money on real books that didn’t turn out to be as impressive as expected, and I’ve placed them in boxes rather than display them on a shelf. Quality over quantity is what matters most, wouldn’t you agree?

For everyone with e-readers out there, have you completely given in to only purchasing books on your e-reader? Or, do you manage to balance the books you add to your virtual shelf with the books you add to your actual shelves at home? If so, how do you do it?

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Good Reads for Your Weekend Vol. 9 | Taking It Easy

This weekend will be the polar opposite from all of my upcoming weekends. Travel will take up plenty of time in September (just the way I like it!), so I am doing my best to rest up and be frugal on spending while I can. With no set plans in mind for the next few days, I think I’ll spend some time lounging on the couch with my Nook, reading “Shanghai Girls” by Lisa See, writing some blog posts, listening to music — I’ve been hooked on Anna Nalick’s “Wreck of the Day” album (it never gets old) — and of course, wedding planning.

What are your plans for the weekend? If there’s time, take a peek at some of these good reads.

Listen to your mom, and eat your breakfast. Every day.

Need to make an elevator pitch? This post has amazing tips.

Dedicated to all of the girls out there who are avid readers.

Eat your frog first thing in the morning. That’s what successful people do.

This doesn’t even come close to a full article, but it should make you pretty darn happy.

Keep your heart and your mind open.

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Good Reads For Your Weekend Vol. 8 | Wine Not

Aside from my mid-week birthday celebration, this week was incredibly slow. I’m glad the weekend has finally arrived! Over the next few days, I’ll get to meet and enjoy time together with fellow bridesmaids — our good friend is getting married next year, and she is hosting a bridesmaids weekend for us. I’m looking forward to hanging out in and around Atlanta. What I’m most excited about is the wine tasting we’ll have at a winery nearby. I may write about it later…

If your weekend isn’t as busy as mine will be, check out some of these good reads from this week:

Stuck and can’t find an answer? You might be asking the wrong question.

Can reading make you a more effective leader? The answer is yes.

I usually listen to music on the radio or via an online stream. But teens? Their top pick is YouTube.

Has Teach for America betrayed its mission? You make the call (it’s a tough, but worthwhile, issue to contemplate).

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a difficult battle. So how can you help when it comes to your coworkers?

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